Lost & Found

Sometimes taxi customers leave behind a vast array of valuable property in taxi. The Whistler Taxi Team does not collect or take possession of unclaimed property, however, the Management plays an important role in the recovery of lost property.

Taxi drivers conduct a search of the interior of their taxi at the termination of each trip. If the driver discovers any property of a passenger, the driver immediately report the property discovered to our team and, as soon as practicable, then deliver the property to the office team. Our Team shall maintain the property in there possession and dispose of the property in the manner provided by law.

Taxi customers are reminded to ensure that they have all of their belongings before departing their taxi. If you discover that you have left something behind, immediately call the Whistler Taxi dispatch at +1 (604) 932-3333 or fill the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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